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Passing the California Driving Test

    Be prepared! The main reason people don't pass their CA driving test is lack of practice. Just like any other demanding skill in life, driving takes tons of practice. Reiteration is everything, so get out their and drive as much as you can prior to your DMV test day.

    Be truthful with yourself. You will know if you are ready for your CA license when you can answer a firm yes to the following:
    • Do I recognize what to do in all driving scenarios? If there is an ambulance? If the signal lights aren't working? If a squirrel runs in front of my car?
    • Are you a defensive driving wiz? Do you understand what to do if other vehicles are about to hit you? How to deal with other poor CAL drivers?
    • Can you drive without your parent's guidance? Or do they still give you driving tips, or worse yet, are they still screaming at you for driving mistakes you're committing?
    • Can you drive well in any traffic climate? Rush hour? Snow or Rain? When it's dark? In the fog?
    • Did you succeed on your practice DMV drive test given by your driving-school?
    Road Test Checklists

    Know your Califonria DMV Driving Test area. Even if you're a decent driver, chances are you'll be a little tense on your drive test day. By getting comfy with your drive test location in advance, you can help get rid of the element of uncertainty. Drive around, see what the posted traffic signs are, make right and left turns at all the major intersections, locate school zones, etc.

    Know the CA Driving Test itinerary. While a proper DMV licensed driving school should not show you the precise test route you will navigate on your CA road test, they can give you a pretty decent idea of what to be expecting. They can make clear all of the skills tested by the DMV, demonstrating what is and what is not part of the California driving test. They can also demonstrate common minor point deductions and the auto fails that several students come across.

    Get a solid night of sleep and eat a good breakfast. Make sure you are refreshed and alert on your California driving test day. The more aware you are, the better driver you will be.

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