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California Driving Test Driving Lessons | CA At, we have teamed up with Drivers Ed Direct, a DMV licensed driving school for the entire state of California. That means we can offer you everything you need to become a safe, licensed driver. We have a DMV approved online drivers ed course that fulfills CA requirements for earning your permit and DMV licensed driving school in-car lessons that can fulfill your licensing requirements. Combine that with our new hybrid training vehicles, licensed instructors, and online resources and you've got the best full service driving school in California.

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Driving School California Driving Test Benefits of Our Behind the Wheel Lessons 

  • We teach students to developing a good driving attitude that is both courteous to other drivers and utilizes defensive driving techniques

  • Get lessons designed for busy city street driving with a focus on making lane changes, performing complex turns, maintaining safe space cushions, and obstacle avoidance

  • Take an additional Canyon Intensive Lesson: includes navigating California's dangerous canyons, emergency avoidance techniques, and defensive driving methodologies implemented

  • We Discuss the IPDE (Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) Defensive Driving methodology to make your teen a safer driver

    Why We Have The Best Drivers Lessons In California 

    California Driving Test Driving School CA

  • All of our Instructors are DMV licensed and have extensive in car training

  • We have multiple training vehicles and even more instructors to help assure that you can schedule lessons in a timely manner, working around your schedule

  • Not only are our Instructors qualified, they are friendly, patient, and have had prior experience working with youths

  • All applicable driver training packages come with DMV completion certificates with free delivery (and rush delivery available for an additional charge)

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  • Three Common Questions about Driving Lessons
  • How can I check if your Driving School is DMV Licensed?
  • Is your driving school large enough to handle specific schedule requests?
  • Do you have front door drop-off and pick-up for each driving lesson?

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